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Connect your data visualizations directly to SAP BI

Utilize your SAP BOE investment to the fullest. Take advantage of the security and query capabilities of your SAP BI environment with Live Connect. Organizations working with various BI Visualization applications can now connect directly to their SAP BI data. Whether working with BW, Universes UNV/UNX or Web Intelligence, Live Connect provides a live connection.


Connect Tableau, Power BI, Qlik etc. directly to Web Intelligence reports

Connect Tableau, Power BI, Qlik etc. directly to Universes

All security is synced with SAP BI environment

Take advantage of already created queries with Web Intelligence Reports

Work with alternate data visualizations

Connect data visualizations to multiple queries

Scale across your organization with built in governance and interactive reports

Transform data into stunning visuals

Visually explore and analyze data on premises and in the cloud, all in one view

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