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Extract, transform and load (ETL) solutions are a important aspect of data warehousing. ETL processes are responsible for bringing in data extract and depositing them into your data warehouse. Not all ETL solutions are created equal. Kobaltek works with only the most capable and intuitive ETL tools to ensure quality data at every level. Our data experts understand the dynamics of ETL processes, giving clients additional confidence when moving their data.

Data Warehousing

A data warehouse is much more than a repository for your data, it should keep your disparate data effectively organized for easy access. Kobaltek data experts can help you select, build and maintain the perfect data warehouse to store your data..

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Data Blending

Want to combine your disparate data sources?

Our team of data experts have blended more types of data than you can shake a stick at. Utilizing powerful tools with data blending capabilities like Alteryx certainly helps. Data blending is the key to dynamic analysis and is important to understanding the complexities of making important decisions. Being able to see data from a 1000 foot view and able to access various types of data will assist executives in making better decisions. Without blending, we’d never come up with exciting new analyses. Blending in general is at the heart of innovation. The same goes for data. Our data experts work with analytical tools that will blend data from a warehouse, extract or excel files. We can blend data from any source.

Data Cleansing

Data cleansing, or data scrubbing, is an important part of ensuring accurate analysis. Many people working with data aren’t aware of what constitutes clean data.

In many cases, many of these people may overlook incomplete, poorly formatted dated or redundant data. The challenge is, dirty data can cause some serious roadblocks when piled up. Proper data cleansing can not only solve a lot of analysis problems, it can open up the door to numerous data blending possibilities. Kobaltek data experts scrub dirty data at nearly every gig we perform, but we go beyond mere cleansing. We equip clients with the knowledge and best practices to continue operating with clean data.

Ways To Visualize Your Data

There are many different types of data visualization examples, ranging from the simple to the complex, explaining their unique features as well as how and when to use them to help you get the results you want.

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