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The Practice of Bringing Data to Life

To be successful, your organization has to have the right data to make important decisions. Analytics is the practice of bringing that data to life. With an accurate bigger view, you can better understand a more certain path for the future.

Tableau Consulting

Tableau allows a user to easily acccess the data they require and easily understand it from an interactive view. Tableau provides users with visually pleasing interactive displays of data. If implemented properly, users can gain access from various different sources available to them.With help from our expert Tableau consultants, you can visualize data in beautiful, user-friendly dashboards.

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Embedded Analytics

When introducing analytics for your organization - familiarity and simplicity are important. That’s where embedded analytics come in. By integrating data visualizations and analysis into existing systems, your organization will clear a path for a data-driven culture. The results will be an educated and engaged user base.

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Visual Analytics

With visual analytics, our minds are able to understand and communicate data faster and with better retention. No other visual analytics platform does this better than Tableau Software. With Kobaltek's consulting and training expertise, we can help you communicate your data in a way anyone can understand.

Visual Design Best Practices

Tableau makes data visualization affordable and extensible, but even simple projects need to address visual design. Whether ensuring you’re using space effectively or knowing which chart is right for the job, visual design best practices are critical to understanding data. At the enterprise level, a consistent design and layout philosophy is crucial. Our consultants can help you propagate best practices across your organization.

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